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The Wood Chip Shop uses a very hands on, labour intensive, processes to produce the HETAS accredited finished product.

Our timber is seasoned for around two years then chipped using a Heizohack HM 8-500 K professional chipper. But it doesn’t stop there…

The chipped timber is then screened and graded using an ULTRA SCREEN T-1500 Trommel grader. This piece of kit screens off the oversized pieces as well as the fines, leaving just the perfectly sized chip which is then delivered directly onto the drying floor.

Our drying floor is heated via a 150kw VETO woodchip boiler; the heat is converted into hot air which is blown under the specially designed floor to dry the chip to a constant, below 30%, moisture content thus ensuring a product with high calorific value which in turn means a healthier boiler and cleaner emissions.

Delivery is by lorry and can be either tipped or blown into a hopper or storage vessel.

Our Wood Chip is graded and complies with the M30 EU standard. The price per cubic metre of Wood Chip can alter dependent upon volumes and frequency of requirements, please call for pricing.

An alternative to paying for wood chip by volume is a Heat Supply Contract. The energy supplied is easily recorded via a heat meter. Using the metered heat readings from your boiler we can give you a price based on per kWh heat supply contract. This is also known as Metered Heat.
Drying Floor
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